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Gym Membership

Get More From Your Gym

With so much value in our gym membership options it would be hard to find anything else that comes close in and around Pooraka and Mawson Lakes. We have made all the hard decisions for you and put the best possible packages together to compliment your needs and goals, direct debit and upfront payment options.

Choose from the classic gym membership, add the fun and benefits of fitness classes like boxing and bootcamps, or go with the full support of personal training with our 8 Week Blitz Transformer Challenge.

Direct Debit Options

All of our direct debit memberships are NO CONTRACT, allowing you all the commitment without the stress of being locked in.

We have 3 great options for you to take advantage of, with 3 very distinct levels of support, our no contract membership is our basic gym access option, the all access gives you the added bonus of all the classes and our 8 Week Blitz is a total support challenge package, including personal training, programs and nutritional guidance.

No Contract All Access 8 Week Blitz
$15.90/wk $29.90/wk $79/wk

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Upfront Options

Our upfront options allow you the freedom to choose your level of time and commitment, whether you have a 3 month goal before you go on holiday or a 12 month journey before you say “I do”, the longer you join, the larger your saving is.

3 Month 6 Month 12 Month
$200 $375 (SAVE 9% OFF) $700 (SAVE 15% OFF)

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Upfront ALL ACCESS Options

This has to be the best membership available with the already amazing bonus of access to all the classes, you can also take advantage of these great options. The All Access membership has to be the favourite with the new and current members simply from the value, wait until you feel the sense of community and culture, you won’t want to leave.

3 Month 6 Month 12 Month
$375 $700 (SAVE 10% OFF) $1325 (SAVE 15% OFF)

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NOTE: All direct debits are advertised weekly and debited fortnightly. Cash or EFTPOS accepted for upfront payments.


Personal Training

Your Best Nightmare

With 10 years experience as a trainer, Owner and head trainer, Danny Mulyono offers professional personal training in and around Pooraka and Mawson Lakes. He Loves what he does and you will too.

But here’s the thing with personal training – no body wants it, every body needs it and not everyone can afford it. We can all get a little physical, get our sweat on and, ultimately, do our bit each day to burn calories. The real question here is – are you doing enough during your workout?

Personal trainers are a great tool to have and have their different purpose for everyone. Think why you would need one. Do you need one to push you? Maybe you just want some advice and education? Maybe it is for guidance through a training program? There are so many reasons why you may need a trainer. Ask yourself – Do I need a good butt kicking today?


45 Minutes 60 Minutes
$45 per session $60 per session
$200 for 5 pack $270 for 5 pack


Group Fitness & Classes


Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
09:00 C20
16:00 KIDS play

Session Duration: 45 mins. (KIDSplay – 30 mins.)

Cost Per Person: $10 or $29.90/week for ALL ACCESS (includes gym and classes)

Cost Per Child (Under 18): $5


Get in contact with us via email, PM us on Facebook or call Danny on 0437006388.


A fun and technical session where you will learn the basics of boxing, work up a sweat and have a good laugh with like-minded friends.

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Three 15 minute rounds of intense fitness, yet you work at your own pace. By far the most popular of all the classes, you are sure to burn more calories than you ever thought you could.

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This session is based more around the gym, using free weight, machine and body weight exercises to work the whole lower body.

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Teach them young we say! Up to the age of 12, in this session your young ones will improve on their coordination and teamwork skills.

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This is a little different than your usually HIIT session, rather than short bursts of work, in this session there are 20 exercises performed at a high intensity at an extended period of time each followed by a longer rest break too.

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A slower paced session but when it is time to work it is time to put in the hard yards. Built around functional movements, every session is different with a variety of different challenging circuits and combinations.

Fitness Power Train started back in 2008 by owner Danny Mulyono, working from his parents’ garage as a personal trainer, using the driveway for excessive amounts of lunges or even walking down the road to the local primary school to do circuits on the playground using only body weight. It only took a year before working from home became more of a chore rather than a great venture, which is when FPT moved from the 4×6 carspace to a warehouse. Fast forward about 9 years, after a few relocations, we have found our perfect space and location in Pooraka just across from Mawson Lakes on Main North Road.

FPT Gyms now offers a great array of services, like, massage by ReNü Body Therapy, gym memberships, personal training programs, personal training and a range of different group fitness classes. No matter what your experience level there is something there waiting for you to give a go and find your fitness passion.

Like most of Australia’s population, the majority of our gym members had never been inside any form of fitness facility, let alone become a member of a gym but the strong community and culture built within FPT welcomes all new faces with open arms.

Take advantage of our experienced personal trainers to help with your fitness goals, burn fat, build muscle, and bring the best out of you. Located in Pooraka, on Main North Road, a stones throw from Mawson Lakes and easily accessible from the North and North Eastern suburbs, there is no reason not to get in the gym and start your own training program.

Get in contact with us via email, PM us on Facebook or call Danny on 0437006388.

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