Tell Me What To Do

Here’s the thing with personal training – no body wants it, every body needs it but not everyone can afford it. To the most extent we can all be a little physical, get our sweat on and, ultimately, do our bit for the day to burn calories or, even better, put them macros to good use to fuel a good workout. The real question here is – are you doing enough during your workout?
Me, personally, am fairly well motivated and knowledgeable when it comes to all out war in the gym. I punched a dude with a dumbbell in my hand once because he thought it was okay to come up and give me a little shove while I’m there trying to murder myself in the mirror doing a few curls. I was so focused that nothing was getting in my way. I quickly apologised as it was kind of just a knee jerk reaction. I tell you what though, he always waited to say hello between sets rather than while I’m negotiating with Mr. Reaper which rep will end me. On the other hand though, there has been those sessions where my mind is travelling to other matters, like emails, gym members need something, I don’t know, anything and everything else that I could be possibly doing I’m thinking about. And that feeling when you have had extra preworkout because you thought that was what you needed but it wasn’t a lack of energy you had, it was actually a lack of motivation and Major Distraction stands over you and yells “Give me one thousand excuses why you shouldn’t workout right now!” And you have no issues yelling back “Sir, yes, sir!” Good work soldier. You achieved nothing today. #facepalm
Those weak sessions right there, those sessions are when I need someone yelling in my ear – “Don’t be a bitch Danny!”, “Is that all you can do?” Or “I thought better of you, pussy”. Strangely, those words are what fires me up, they are actually the words I would continuously say to myself when I am focused. So, for me, I would use a trainer to abuse me and keep me focused for that fraction of time during the day where I am dreaming of work rather that workout.
Personal trainers are a great tool to have and have their different purpose for everyone. Think about what you would need one for. Do you need one to push you to breaking point? Maybe you just want some basic knowledge under your belt so you know what you are doing out there? Maybe it is for guidance every session so you don’t have to think for that 45 minutes in your day? Or maybe you just need an ear to listen to while you do the exercise you wouldn’t do on your own otherwise? There are so many reasons why you may need a trainer, whether it is a weekly (or daily) thing or the odd one here and there to boost your workouts and prevent any stagnating or complacency. I guess it’s like having a training partner every workout but all the focus is on you. Ask yourself – Do I need a good butt kicking today?