Make Your Career Work For You

Personal training as a career can be rewarding in so many ways, the feeling of helping others and the great possibility of personal and financial freedom. Ultimately, it comes down to how dedicated and passionate you are to your craft, whether you are only new to the industry or a veteran of the fitness game, it will come down to you, as the individual, with how successful you will be.

Attracting the right clientele with the right atmosphere is crucial, somewhere you feel you can perform at your full potential, with your own training whilst also being able to train others. It goes hand in hand that if you, as a trainer, are motivated and comfortable in your own space internally and externally you will set yourself up for success and be able to execute your own goals with ease.

At FPT we (the members) have created a community and culture that resonates with so many, allowing everyone to feel comfortable with themselves in such a diverse environment.

So, to any personal trainers looking for a space to run their business and have the drive to grow and accomplish their goals feel free to get in touch. We offer very affordable terms and agreements, including a rent free period and social media marketing assistance over all platforms.

Get in contact with us via email, PM us on Facebook or call Danny on 0437006388.

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